Frequently Asked Questions

California Flour is a team of 1. We want to guarantee our absolute best product with the freshest ingredients for you to enjoy. If we do not think we can accomplish your desired dessert to the best of our capabilities due to current order capacity or design choice of your order, your order may be declined.

How far in advance should I order?
As early as possible. We only take on 1-2 orders per week. Our calendar bookings have booked as far in advance as two years to as little as 3 weeks.

Turn around time is dependent on the size of your order and if there are other orders processing within the same time frame. If availability allows orders can be processed as soon as 48 hour. Rush fees may apply. Please contact us to check our availability.

Character Cakes
(Spiderman, Blippi, Minnie Mouse, etc) We think these kinds of cake are adorable! However they are not a product we can offer you. We can reference you to a different bakery who may suit your needs better.

Where are you located?

We are a licensed cottage foods bakery located in downtown Placerville, CA. Our bakery is not open for public access.

We frequent in-person pop up events in El Dorado County where you can enjoy some of our desserts and pick up our premixes and cereals. Follow along on our instagram to find out about our upcoming events.


We aim to provide you with the freshest, local and highest quality and organic ingredients.

Our organic ingredient list is always growing and will always include include: eggs, milk, cream, yogurt, cream cheese, butter, flour, oats, cornmeal, sugar, brown sugar, confectioners sugar, Guitarrd chocolate varieties, shortening, corn syrup, canola oil, vinegar, peanut butter, coconut, all fruit preserves used, all fruit or vegetable and nut additions, all spices and herbs used, vanilla bean and vanilla extract. Non organic substitutions will never be made. We also offer an assorted variety of organic edible fresh and pressed florals that can be added to any order with notice.

Things that aren’t organic would be items such as salt, baking soda, baking powder and food coloring should you wish for a desired design that included it.

Allergy Concern
California flour is an in home bakery. We handle all major known allergens in our kitchen and on shared equipment. These allergens include but are not limited to: milk, eggs, fish, shell fish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans and corn.

Cream Cheese Frosting
California food laws restrict cottage food business to use use items that are not shelf stable when they are not cooked into a product.  All products must be shelf stable requiring no refrigeration. Therefore we are not able to offer cream cheese frosting.

Dairy Free
Our kitchen is not equipped to produce a product for an allergy concern such as Dairy. We can offer you some of our products with a substituted dairy free alternatives. However, we handle a lot of dairy and there is a risk of cross contamination. We do not recommend these substitutions for anyone with a dairy allergy.

At this time our vegan offerings are limited to Deep Chocolate Cake, semi sweet Chocolate frosting, and Vanilla “buttercream”.

Gluten Free
Our kitchen is not equipped to produce a product for an allergy concern such as Gluten. We can offer you a product with a substituted gluten free flour. However, we handle a lot of gluten and there is a risk of cross contamination. We do not recommend this substitution for anyone with a Gluten allergy.

Handmade Disclaimer
Due to the nature of our products being handmade, each piece may vary and hold impercetions.


Payments are processed safely and electronically through Square.

For online transactions, an invoice will be sent to your phone or email for you to review before making a payment. If you would like to proceed with your order a 50% deposit is due immediately to secure your order, desired date and California Flour’s Availability to assist you with desserts. The entire balance can be made in full at that time or the remaining balance can be paid leading up to or at your pick up. Delivery, weddings and large event order’s final payments are due 1 week before the day the desserts are due.

Retainer Fee
If you are not sure of what desserts you would like right now but are certain you would like to book with California Flour for your wedding we recommend our Retainer Fee. This fee is a non refundable/ non transferable $450 that would lock you in as our sole client for a designated time and date you have selected dependent on California Flour’s availability. The cost would be credited to your selected date and your order when you are ready to place it. The retainer fee can not be used towards delivery charges or late fees. If your order is less than the retainer fee, there is no reimbursement of excess funds. Your final order must be placed within 60 days of your desired date. The retainer fee is non refundable nor transferable to a new order or date.

Late fees
There is a 2 day grace period for your final payment. If your final payment is not completed a the end of the second day a $100+ fee will be added to your final balance. This fee will continue to increase each day. If payment is not completed by the date of your order, California Flour reserves the right to withhold any unpaid for desserts.

Rush Orders
Rush order payments are due in full at time of order placement.
A rush fee is applied to any order that is placed within 72 hours of the dessert needed. The fee is based upon California Flour’s availability, the customization and the size of the order inquired upon. This fee increases closer to desired date needed OR your order may be declined.

California Flour is an independently owned and operated Cottage Foods bakery located in El Dorado County, CA.

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