Homemade Confetti Cake!

Ever plan a last minute party for a 3 year old?

Join the club. It could be easy as pie! Which isn’t entirely easy. Why do they have that saying?


As easy as pie is a popular colloquial idiom which is used to describe a task or experience as pleasurable and simple.[1][2] The idiom does not refer to the making of a pie, but rather to the act of consuming a pie (“as easy as eating a pie”) which is usually a simple and pleasurable experience.[2] The phrase is often interchanged with piece of cake, which shares the same connotation.[2]

Thanks wiki

Okay okay, that makes a TON more sense. It was a pleasurable experience planning out this little get together for the little ones birthday party. It could have been easier had I 1.) Planned ahead 2.) Bought Pre-made cupcakes/cake 3.) Allotted for the sunshine and the WIND.

So, Birthday Boy (BB) turned 3 last Wednesday and I wanted to take him to the cupcake store and then a park after school. This turned into me having two of his cute little girlfriends join us. Which led to their sister joining us so the older kids could play together. Which led me to think I should invite the neighbors, and then we can’t forget the boy up the street! 13 people on our guest list later… We have a party, that is at 3:30 that afternoon and it is 9:30 am. Of course, I could just call the cupcake shop have them put together some cupcakes for us that we can pick up after I pick up the BB from school. But no. I need to make him a cake. After all, I am a baker and supposedly a super nanny. Of course I choose to make a cake we don’t have ingredients for. Of course I can’t change the recipe to one that we do have ingredients for… hello, trip to the store.

Day mental list:

Set butter out for room temp


Bake Cake


1:00Pick up BB


BB birthday phone calls

2:00 BB nap


Sit down before I scream

Make Frosting

Frost Cake

Shit… Freeze cake to frost it?!

Frost Cake

Eat lunch

Sprinkles on cake

3:00 leave to set up at park

Got in car at 3:20

Driving to park that is a block away so I don’t have to carry the table-cloth, balloons, water jug, cups, napkins, wipes, candles, lighter, knife etc.

Holding bottom of cake stand in car while driving…..

” Where are the balloons?”

Turning car around.

3:35 parking car

Balancing Cake stand, balloons wrapped around bottom of stand. Plastic bowl upside down on top of cake to save from bugs attacking in one hand. Other hand pulling against my body a box large enough to enclose a basketball that has all the party contents in it. Diaper bag on arm.  Queue wind.  Good bye cake lid bowl, and 1/4 of the sprinkles off one side. Crash Box.

THANK YOU THANK YOU kind stranger who is already hosting a camp for 9 kids  and helps me up the hill with my stuff. 

3:30 Be at park

Actually got to park at 3:40. Thank goodness no one else was on time!




Guests arrive, cake time at 4:10. Pretend blowing out candles, as there is no lighting them with the wind. 

Kids had fun, I had fun, it was totally worth it. Smiles and sugar highs and, fuck… I forgot to put sunscreen on these little blonde beauties and now I send them home to mom and dad completely sugar rushed out and burnt to a crisp. But hey. You only turn 3 once right?

Lets not kid around here…. This would have been WAY easier had I just picked up a box at the store.  And to be truthful, I should have done so with at least the frosting; I did not care for the buttercream frosting this recipe came with.

Picked up this recipe from Food 52 . Growing up I’ve always been known to bake someone a confetti cake for their birthday. Even if we were only kinda friends. I guess I should have known that was when I liked baking, albeit through a cake box. Yet likely it was probably just for the carbs.

Forgive me had I not made you one.

I figured I’d try my hand at baking one from scratch, frosting included.  6 sticks of butter, 4.5 cups of sugar and 4 egg whites, two containers of sugar rainbow sprinkles and three candles later….





It was definitely rewarding! I feel my problem with the frosting was that I needed to transport the cake to the location we were eating it at, which didn’t have a refrigerator and it randomly decided to be a hot sunny day ( San Francisco  fog city) when we had the birthday party. Thus, melted frosting. Furthermore, sprinkles melting off cake (as if I hadn’t lost enough with the cake lid flying off already).

Had I picked up a frosting at the store I don’t think I would have come across the issue of melted frosting.

In any case, the kids ate it all up before anyone noticed its droopiness.



The cake itself however was perfectly delicious and firm!



You’ll notice that the cake has two different colors between the two layers. This I believe was because I used two different kind of cake pans as shown here






You guessed it. The dark pan made the cake dark and the light pan made the cake light….. does anyone know the science behind this? Please share!


I hope you consider trying your hand and making a home-made confetti cake for your loved ones too.





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