Firework Artwork

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Here I am again, waiting till the very last minute to decorate for the holidays. I am thee only one who does this!?!  I used to be so good at it. Instantly taking down decorations the day after the holiday and preparing for the next one to come.

Now they stay up at least a week too long and don’t show up till two days prior. If these were my Christmas lights on my house, believe me people the CC&Rs  and HOA would be on my ass!

Today I share with you an easy craft with minimal clean up. You can even let some aggression out during the clean up! What I have to share with you is what I call Firework Artwork.

“Oooooohhhhh …….Aaahhhhhhhh”

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Squirt bottles – Any kind will do, we just happened to have ones like fast food ketchup bottles. They worked great, you could also recycle some actual ketchup bottles from your fridge for this project or you can use old Elmer Glue bottles. I think we got them off of Amazon ( like everything else we own, that isn’t from Ikea/ Target!)

Paper of choice to be painted on

Washable paint


Tape ( optional to tape your paper to the ground)

Frame (optional)


Here’s What To Do:

1.) Take your supplies out side or into an area that can be hosed/washed down.

2.) Tape your paper to the ground

3.) Fill paint bottles up with paint to the amount of your preference.

I added water to my paint to thin it out some to reduce my use in paint. This was only an OKAY idea. The paper got really soaked due to the wateriness and I feel it really effected the outcome of the look of the artwork. However, this was done by a 2.5 year old so I didn’t have the highest expectations any how, yet I would have used less water if my brain were turned on. Adding water is totally up to you. I was just being a frugal beezy.

3.) De-cloth your child. Save yourself from extra laundering painted clothes.


4.) Squirt the heck out of your paper.


5.) Let dry.


6.) Frame it, sell it for $223,534,695. Don’t forget to let your author scribble signature it.

7. ) Spray down area that was used to paint in and hose off your child. With a bit of additional unnecessary hosing. Ooops….my hand got caught on the trigger….

photostudio_1435872725837 (1)


Yet to come:…. An actual recipe involving Flour! Aren’t you excited?!?!! You must be thinking this chick is crazy! Here she is Ms. California Flour and all she is giving us is crafts and no baking!?


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