DIY Wraping Paper


Who the F#&@^ decided it was a good idea to package kids toys( or anything for that matter) in anything other than a square or rectangular box?  They should be fired. Same goes with all the creations of fabric that need to be ironed.

Today, I wrapped three of the exact same presents for some birthday parties this weekend and, as you may have guessed, they weren’t perfect squares. They were SOO close though! Which made it all the more frustrating. There were two  flat sides and two semi flat sides, and then just for “better display of the product” I suppose, they left the toys ROUND structure as the last side. Have you ever tried wrapping a ball before? You may more simply tie a noose around your neck!

Yesterday, we received a package from amazon that had the toys inside I needed to wrap. I went to the cabinet and searched for boy-ish wrapping paper. We had, sparkle pink, polka dot purple, Disney princess, rainbow spots ( I know could have worked). But nothing that screamed super unisex or stereotypical boy paper.  So, a dilemma.

But, then! I remembered we have craft paper by the roll. So I had decided to let the little girl who would be attending the birthday parties for these boys paint them a special picture and then I would wrap them in the paper. I’m genius!

Nope. She wasn’t in the mood for painting.  And sure I could try my hand at painting something but it wouldn’t look true “kid form”.  It would just look like a TERRIBLE adult painting.

Back to the drawingpainting board….

Ahah! Stamp painting. Takes what? Like less than 5 minutes if you REALLLLY don’t want to participate in the project? Literally just…. stamp, stamp, stamp, “I’m Done!” This, she agreed to do. By agreed, I mean I didn’t give her a choice. I told her she had to do it and she could hate me for it but they’re for her friends not mine so “I can’t paint it myself,” and she could go right back to being “bored,” with “nothing to do,”  a.s.a.p!

Thus, you get a DIY wrapping paper.

Here Is What You’ll Need:

1.)Blank Paper, preferably on a roll. I think ours is from IKEA.
2.) Paint
3.) Tray for paint/ Paper plate
4.) A cookie Cutter

Here’s What To Do;
1.) Place present to be wrapped on top of paper and measure out how much you will need to wrap the present. Then detach that much from the roll.

You can also leave it attached to the roll if you’d like to do this in advance  for wrapping paper to just have on hand. Just be sure to paint in an area that it can rest to dry.

2.) Optional: Tape the paper down to the table.

3.) Squirt paint into your tray/ paper plate. We used two different colors that were mixed by simply just squirting in lines rather than puddles.

4.)  Take the cookie cutter and stamp it into the paint.

5.)  Stamp the paint dipped cookie cutter onto the paper.

You can stamp in any design or way you would like to but she chose to do it in a row style pattern, which actually took longer than 5 minutes( she had no clue she was having fun! The boys are turning 7 so we used our number 7 cookie cutter! I could have planned it better to have her stamp the 7 in a specific direction so that it showed upright once wrapped, but who are we kidding?!

Simple as pie! ( Which is NOT this easy)

6.) Hang to dry and pray you get a square package to wrap or they will end up looking like these sad presents.


7.) Give yourself Nanny/ Momma / Crafty Daddy points and get excited for other parents/ caregivers to gawk at your “So clever!” DIY wrapping paper.


3 comments on “DIY Wraping Paper

  1. thecraftymummyblog
    June 24, 2015

    Love the idea!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thegarsowtwins
    June 24, 2015

    You would never know this is a DIY! Cute! Feel free to check out our blog, 🙂


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