Rainbow Craft / SF Munchery Review

UPDATE: Now until April 30th you can get $10  $20 off your first order!  Promo Code: 36J3AXBZ

How was your weekend? Mine went by in a flash! Over the weekend I enjoyed two different Benedicts at new and old places, I’ll share more with you on that in another blog this week. Keep reading for an amazing deal that can save you $10 and give you a happy belly.HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY

But first and more importantly, just in time for the holiday TODAY; here is a simple craft that the kids can do.

Fruit Look Rainbow Art


Now this doesn’t necessarily have to be a craft for St. Patrick’s Day, it can be a craft for spring as well or just a plain rainbow craft. But going on the theme of St. Patrick’s Day this is what we did it for.

Insanely simple.
Little tools needed.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

White glue ( Elmer’s)
Fruit Loop cereal
Cotton balls (pads work too, just tear and make fluffy)


Here’s What to do:

1.) On your paper, draw an arch with your glue.

2.) Going in order of rainbow colors:


Select the first color (red) Fruit Loop and place it on top of your arch of glue. Continue with this color until it is filled.

3.) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until remaining colors are finished… Orange-Purple

4.) At the bottom of your rainbow, on each foot of the arch apply about a 2 x 1 inch spot of glue. Attach cotton to this glue area, making it fluffy like a cloud.

5.) Wait for entire project to dry before moving. The Fruit Loops are too heavy to be supported by the glue without falling off when wet.

6.) Enjoy!


And now. So you don’t have to cook dinner tonight, yet still have a delicious and “home cooked” taste!

There is  a new service I just discovered, last month I’d say. That I have used to enjoy delicious dinners with zero hard work! It’s called Munchery.

What Munchery is, is like a satellite restaurant you can get dinner delivered from. There isn’t an actual restaurant you can go and sit down at or pick up from. Yet a kitchen they prepare the food in and bring to you. They have multiple different professional chefs who each whip up a few different dishes that you get to choose to enjoy. The flavors range from America, to Italian, to Chinese, or Japanese, or Indian, and more. They include kid friendly/ portions sizes as well! You can also order deserts, beverages such as Orange Juice, Wine ( 1 red, 1 white offered), iced coffee, or fresh pressed juices. They pre-cook all the meals and deliver it to you at room temperature/ chilled.

How it Works:
1.) Register using the promotional code listed below. Available online and in the App store.

Here is a promotional code that will give you $10 off your first order!
This promotional code should not expire ( if it doesn’t work for you please contact me). Also feel free to share this code it will work for everyone.

2.) Review their menu.

3.) Add items to your cart as you wish.

4.) Check out. And wait approximately 20-60 minutes. Depending on the time of day you place your order. They have never been longer than 30 minutes for me and I typically order during the peak hours. If you order your dinner in the morning then it is likely you will have your meal delivered to you when the delivery window opens. You can also schedule a time that works best for you.

5.) Answer the door/ or have them leave it out front.

6.) Say thank you, close the door. Heat up your food and enjoy!


Here is a few of my favorite things: about Munchery:

●Their menu changes daily. So if you’re in the mood for something different the following night you can still order from the same place.
●They are fast.
●Delivery is included in the price.
●Tip is included in the price.
●Sometimes they give you free treats.
●Customers can leave reviews so you don’t have to go off guessing if it is good.
●They offer wine ( WINE DELIVERY!? YES PLEASE!)
● You can reheat in the oven or microwave directly in most of the containers the offer your food in.
● They give back – ” Every time you order our fresh, chef-made meals, we feed someone in need through a local food bank. Everyone deserves a good dinner.” Munchery
● They offer: Carbon Neutral Delivery
“We are offsetting the carbon footprint of every delivery by planting trees through The Conservation Fund.” Munchery
●They offer: Eco-Friendly Everything
“From biodegradable trays made of renewable plants to paper and plastic products from recycled materials, we’re greening our footprint in every way.” Munchery


Some Cons :
● They’re only open for dinner
●They’re closed weekends
Not many cons hu? I know!

Here is what we had last week :
Roast Chicken Tortilla Soup
Lasagna Bolognese
We also had two other dishes I can’t recall the names of 😦
One was Chicken with Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes and a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette
Two was Asian inspired Brocolini
All delicious!

I highly recommend you check them out. Every meal we have ordered from here ( which is like 10 different things) has been absolutely delicious. Almost every time we have run out of groceries we have asked one another ” Want to have Munchery for dinner?”. Even when we have dinner in the fridge and just don’t want to deal with it we order it. It’s SO simple and yum yum yummy!

Again, save yourself some money use this code and you will end up with a happy wallet and a happy belly!



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