Going up, on a Thursday/ Wine Jar Review

You waited for it. It’s here. If you follow me on Instagram (@CaliforniaFlour), then you’re well aware of where I spent my wine O’ clock last tursday night.  Now here are the details I promised you.


Christopher has recently sold his property. Closed Wednesday.  Feeling giddish, with dinner still needing to defrost, he recommended we meet for drinks thursday evening. We ended up at a place we have been a few times that’s close to home. The Wine Jar. A dimly lit little lounge. It looks like the inside of a wine barrel (red). It features deep wood colors and flooring, and of course, filled with wine! We sat in the window at a cute raised table that so perfectly was made out of an old wine barrel. There were cozy nooks, bench seating against walls with cushions lounge style, posh couches around tables and a fun upbeat music that I wouldn’t have expected to be playing. I even liked the light fixtures, a modern industrial look.

We made it in for their happy hour with minutes to spare at 6:50! Offered from 4pm-7pm daily, they have 20% off bottles and 3$ Beers. We shared a cheese plate  and a bottle of Chardonnay. Now, I love a lot of things. I love Christopher  and Lucy ( of course!), but food wise? I  have a particular “go to”, there is garden ramen, chocolate, srirach, sushi, pasta, bread, and there is also cheese. I generally favor softer cheeses such as brie or d’affinois, so I tend to purchase those for our picnics and appetizers. Yet, Christopher prefers hard cheese, so the platter was quite in his favor that evening when it arrived with four hard cheeses. To which he consumed and noted them to be, “the best thing to ever be in my [his] mouth.” Served with sweet mixed nuts, drizzled honey and crackers which were of the light crispy variety and had some sort of herb in them, my best guess was that it was rosemary. Little to our dismay we did not know which cheese was which, and kept telling each other we must ask the server. Yet, we ended up devouring them all and forgot to ask before it was too late. A plus for Christopher, as now I will have to buy all 4 cheeses to recreate this dish!  Paired with my favorite (…and I’m feeling like becoming Christopher’s as well), a bottle of Chard. As the menu noted, was ” Full-bodied with hints of butter & vanilla”, it was.  A Matthew Joseph 2012 from Napa Valley.

The cheese featured:

Yellow Gouda, Holland
Traditional, matured, full flavor

Machego, Spain
Sheep’s milk, full flavor

Bavarian Emmentaler, Germany
Premium aged Swiss

Irish Cheese, Dublin
Aged, natural hint of sweetness

We stayed for about two hours. It was an amazing surprise, to end a long day at work. We ended up having a relaxing time, and a wonderful evening afterwords as well. I really enjoyed the quality time we spent together there. It was nice to open up after work and giggle, and I believe the Wine Jar gave the perfect atmosphere for just that. I suggest you check it out.

Instagram Follower @ashidents also noted, the owner (Karmen) also owns another wine lounge. On the other end of Fillmore where there is “a dance room in the basement!” How very fun! I’ll have to check that one out.

Try them both!



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