Easy Leprachaun Mosaic


Who else totally didn’t decorate yet for St. Patrick’s Day? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one! We decorated for spring but not for St. Patty’s! Oh my gosh. Last minute, we cut out clovers which left us with lots of green scraps. We decided to take the green scraps and put them to good use by making a whole ton of other scrap colors….. put them all together and we got a Leprechaun!

He’s pretty cute if you ask me.


And oh so simple.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Drawing utensil ( sharpie)
Large blank paper (any color, we used white)
Paper scraps of these colors :
Peach (skin)
Gold (yellow)
Red ( or pink lip color )
White glue ( Elmer’s)


It was a great project for the kids because they could work together in different areas on the same project. It was also great because it was basically a “set up and let them work …while I enjoy a QUIET coffee.” kind of project. Earned me Nanny points, or you Moms, mom points, giving the kids something creative to do, and brings us some sanity of quiet alone time.  Talk about gold at the end of the rainbow, am I right?

Here’s What to do:

1.) Make a rough sketch of a body outline on your large sheet of paper, color of choice (white) using your drawing utensil (sharpie) . Add a beard and a top hat, with a side pot of gold.

A basic google search can give you a rough idea of what one looks like.

2.) Cut scraps of paper.

On the smaller side of size (roughly around a half-dollar coin size), cut a sheet of paper length wise into strips and then chop into smaller pieces. They do not have to be exact cuts or similar shapes. In fact, multiple sizes and styles may work better for situating the pieces to fill in the blank spots.


3.) Now that you have your leprechaun outline  ready, as well as your paper scraps cut, glue pieces of paper to the proper areas.
Generally Leprechaun’s have orange beards, peach colored skin, green clothes and coordinating top hat, some tend to have gold buckles on their hats as well as their shoes. You can make your leprechaun any color or style you’d like of course but this is how we chose to do ours.

4.) Hang Leprechaun in view for everyone to see! (Mantle)


You can take your new scraps and make another simple mosaic!

Paint and apply!


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