Homemade Confetti Cake!

Ever plan a last minute party for a 3 year old? Join the club. It could be easy as pie! Which isn’t entirely easy. Why do they have that saying? … Continue reading

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Parmesan Pretzels

I  LOVE pretzels. If I go to the mall, and I smell them for sale near by, I have to get one. HAVE TO! I know some may feel this … Continue reading

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Bowling for soup…CANS!

Hey guys! Short post, this one is quite self explanatory. DIY Bowling! 1. Eat canned food. Wash and save cans. 2. Find ball. 3. Stack cans  and knock over with … Continue reading

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Firework Artwork

Here I am again, waiting till the very last minute to decorate for the holidays. I am thee only one who does this!?!  I used to be so good at … Continue reading

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DIY Wraping Paper

Who the F#&@^ decided it was a good idea to package kids toys( or anything for that matter) in anything other than a square or rectangular box?  They should be … Continue reading

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Dog Food: Beef with Spinach and Tomato

I feel like I start off every post with ” IT’S SUPER SIMPLE”. It’s true though, again, this is a super simple, last-minute, thrown together meal that your dog will … Continue reading

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Ricotta Pancakes

A  few weeks or so ago, Christopher and I tried a new restaurant a village away. I Loved it! Unfortunately I did not get adequate enough photos to  share my … Continue reading

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Rainbow Craft / SF Munchery Review

UPDATE: Now until April 30th you can get $10  $20 off your first order!  Promo Code: 36J3AXBZ How was your weekend? Mine went by in a flash! Over the weekend I … Continue reading

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Going up, on a Thursday/ Wine Jar Review

You waited for it. It’s here. If you follow me on Instagram (@CaliforniaFlour), then you’re well aware of where I spent my wine O’ clock last tursday night.  Now here … Continue reading

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Easy Leprachaun Mosaic

Who else totally didn’t decorate yet for St. Patrick’s Day? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one! We decorated for spring but not for St. Patty’s! Oh my gosh. … Continue reading

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